4E NPC 00001 – Gerund, Leader of The Watch

Occupation: Head Town Guard.

Physical Description: He is small brutish, narrow-minded, blond haired dullard of man who struts about town in his shiny piecemeal armor.

Attributes/Skills: As a devout follower of Pellor, Gerund has come to master a few, simple, priestly magic’s and knows much of the rituals and theology of his deity.

Values/Motivations: He enjoys using his authority to make others miserable. He believes that happiness here will be paid for in the afterlife.

Behavior: Gerund spends his days grumbling and barking at every smiling person he meets.

Useful Knowledge: He is well versed in the history of Pellor’s Church (both official, and secret), as well as being a major player in its political arm.

Mannerism: To those who are down or hurting, he shows great compassion and charity, everyone else he treats fools.

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