4E NPC 00012 – Green (Teifling) Landed Farmer

Occupation: She is a Landed Farmer and a member of the Guild of Harvesters.

Physical Description: An attractive, medium age female Teifling, who dresses slightly above her station when occasion permits. Her eyes are an brilliant green.

Attributes/Skills: She excels at physical endeavors, and struggles with the academic.

Values/Motivations: She will protect her land hold and family at all costs.

Behavior: She is most often encountered on her farm, but when in town she occasions the Stumbling Horse where she enjoys arm wrestling any who dares to challenge her.

Useful Knowledge: She know the lay of her side of town and the wilderness nearby. She does know much of the older history of the area, but some of what she knows is incorrect, or rumor.

Mannerism: She rolls up the sleeves of her shirt or dress just before taking action.

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