4E NPC 00007 – Dapthin (Eldren) of the House Elerth, Instructor.

Occupation: Instructor of mundane and magical arts.

Physical Description: He is well groomed and dresses impeccably, with jewelry accenting his long gray hair.

Attributes/Skills: Knows several moderate rituals, and is an adept wizard.

Values/Motivations: He is a perfectionist, and values teaching independent thought to his pupils.

Behavior: As a relaxed academic, he is often seen, when not at his school/home, conversing with everyone in the various gathering spots about town.

Useful Knowledge: Aside from the rituals, Dapthin can act as an introduction to almost anyone in town, as he is on good relations with almost everyone except Gerund, whom he has nothing but disdain for.

Mannerism: He often chuckles as some private amusement, and blinks way too infrequently while talking.

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