4E NPC 00006 – Cthrin Dragonborn (Gold), Master of Tiamats Fangs

Occupation: Bandit leader of the successful gang, Tiamats Fangs.

Physical Description: In town, she plays the part of a successful merchant (to dispose of loot); in the wilds she is armed to the teeth.

Attributes/Skills: Combat and tactics are her strongest suit, though she is skilled at tracking and ambush.

Values/Motivations: She is motivated by greed, though she cautious and thoughtful in her actions.

Behavior: In an effort to become to build an organization, she prefers to extort “protection” from her victims, but is ruthless when cornered or crossed.

Useful Knowledge: She knows the region very well, as well as the merchants and many of their secrets.

Mannerism: In town, she is always asking questions, and giving few answers. In the wilderness, she is demanding and firm.

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