4E NPC 00004 – Brethen, owner of the Stumbling Horse.

Occupation: Public House Proprietor

Physical Description: As far as any of his customers can tell, he has worn the same set of noble’s clothes every day for the last ten years, which is given ample evidence by the smell, wear, and stains on them. He has grown the oily remnants of his hair down to his waist. His face, once hansom, has seen one too many grease fire to grow the beard that he thinks he should have.

Attributes/Skills: Brethen is an excellent cook and is able to create wonders even with the most meager of materials.

Values/Motivations: For Brethen, true wealth is always out of reach, though he would not hesitate to compromise his standards for the right price.

Behavior: Harmless flirtation is a hobby for this married man, as is local and regional gossip.

Useful Knowledge: Brethen knows details on every one of his customers and is willing to share it with any who ask. He also believes he knows the habits and practices of a traveling merchant who he doesn’t like very much.

Mannerism: He carries himself as a man 20 years younger, strutting to and fro, flirting with every woman, and giving a pat on the back to every man.

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