4E NPC 00002 – Anta the Handless, Survivor of the Battle of Green Blades

Occupation: Street Beggar

Physical Description: An older woman, horribly scarred by evil magic’s and wicked blades, she has lost all possibility of lively hood and now depends upon the charity of others.

Attributes/Skills: She was a very skilled warrior, but her injuries prevent her from doing much more than talking in her wheezing, croaking voice.

Values/Motivations: Life is a struggle for her, but she doesn’t steal, and always shares what she has with others in her situation.

Behavior: She is often seen watching crowds at the market, her bowl in front of her, smiling honestly at anyone who passes by.

Useful Knowledge: She is well versed in the history of the region, town and its inhabitants. Although she is not nosy, she is often treated as though she is invisible, and thus, knows much of the town’s people’s secrets.

Mannerism: She spends the day sitting, or occasionally crawling from place to place quite nimbly with a smile on her half scarred face.

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