4E NPC 00008 – Doolin (Eldren) Master of the Guild of Harvesters

Occupation: Leader of the newly formed union of farmers.

Physical Description: She wears bright red dresses that offset her short yellow hair, and is always wearing a wide brim peasant’s hat set with flowers.

Attributes/Skills: Though she has formal training as a priest of Pellor, she doesn’t make use of those skills, preferring to spend her time organizing the local farmers into a union.

Values/Motivations: She is tired of seeing those who till the land starving at the hands of a ruling class that doesn’t care for them.

Behavior: She is passionate for her cause, though she is always cautious as many have threatened harm to her and the people she represents.

Useful Knowledge: She knows almost all of the regions farmers and herders. She also has a rather antagonistic relationship with the local militia, the ruling body and merchants about town.

Mannerism: She is always looking behind her, and her poise indicates that she is expecting an attack at any moment.

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