4E NPC 00003 – Brenna of the Fire Riders

Occupation: Leader of a Bounty Hunting Gang known as the “Fire Riders”

Physical Description: She is well armed and armored woman with great personal bearing that belies her shorter stature. Her appearance is unremarkable, though her black hair is well kept, if a bit short.

Attributes/Skills: Tracking comes naturally to her, as does fighting, and a willingness to share those skills with those who interest her.

Values/Motivations: She is a loaner, and an organizer, she feels that with effort, the wild lands could be reclaimed from the blighted.

Behavior: Normally clam, if she is in pursuit of a bounty she is single minded and relentless.

Useful Knowledge: She is a veteran hunter of those things that crawl in the wilderness, and knows much of the lore of the land. She is also well versed in the topography and knows the locations where the blighted ones typically hide.

Mannerism: She prefers to stand, and is reluctant to sleep. When taking to non humans, she can hardly keep the distain (or disgust) from her voice.

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