4E Session - Character Generation

Due to absences our usual session of Giant Smash (3.5 D&D port of the classic module Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl run by Bill) or Geth Blast (A Gurps port of Mass Effect run by Rob) had to be scrapped. So instead my victi... er fellow players started generating characters for my D&D 4th Ed game that I will be running.

Stephen chose to be a human Paladin with a ranger ability by way of a multi class feat.
Andrea is going to be a Warlock.
Bill has created a Dragonborn Warlord.

Dave, Rob, Laura, and Kevin were not in attendance.

Over all the session went well aside from torrents of not entirely unfounded criticism from Stephen, which is fine, it's the way that Stephen is. Most of his complaints were around layout and editing issues, with a smattering of arbitrary summary "is broken" judgments.

I probably won't be running the game until early fall, but that should almost be enough time to prepare.

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