4E NPC 00009 – Elan Proudone (Halfling) – Impoverished Jeweler

Occupation: Elan is a less than successful jeweler in a town that doesn’t support such luxuries.

Physical Description: Elan is haggard and unkempt, his clothes are worn and tattered, his dwelling/Shop is almost empty save for a elaborate items mad of cheap materials.

Attributes/Skills: He is very talented metal worker, and an excellent crafts man. He also knows how to enchant magical items.

Values/Motivations: Elan is nearly destitute, and wishes to improve his economic position.

Behavior: If there is the possibility of a sale, commission or a chance to eat a meal: he is eager and enthusiastic, otherwise he is slow moving, and depressed.

Useful Knowledge: Elan knows his gems and Jewelry, he also knows knows much of the two Dragonborn travelers: Cthzag and Cthrin, and suspects the later to be a villain but doesn’t know any details.

Mannerism: He can be seen searching for spare change or biting his nails. He whines a fair bit about his situation.

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