4E NPC 00005 – Cthzag Dragonborn (Red) Traveling Merchant.

Occupation: Lead Trader for the Blue Merchant Caravan.

Physical Description: Well worn in appearance, her clothes, though travel stained, are reasonably opulent. She prefers to conduct her deals from her tent while sitting in an elaborately carved traveling chair.

Attributes/Skills: She is an adept merchant and is honest about the value (and profit margin) of items that she deals in. She prefers to deal in magic weapons and armor, and frequently has a few items on hand.

Values/Motivations: She is building up wealth to repay a very old family debt.

Behavior: She is calm, but will become angry if someone tries to trick or steal from her.

Useful Knowledge: She knows of all criminal organizations in all of the places she visits, and is more than willing to share portions of it to those who might take care of “her problems”.

Mannerism: She often fidgets with a well worn coin from a lost kingdom. In quiet moments, she frequently sighs from the burden that only she can bear.

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