4E NPC 00011 – Garrish (Teifling) Tenant Farmer

Occupation: Tenant Farmer to the House Hassin.

Physical Description: Dresses simply, but wears wild hair and horn decorations.

Attributes/Skills: His primary focus is on agriculture, though he is aware of a few modest rituals and knows a smattering of warlock magic, learned in his youth.

Values/Motivations: Farming and the success of his family is the focus of his life, though sometimes he wishes for a different life.

Behavior: He never reacts to any situation in anger, or just about any emotion for that matter. He is cool and detached.

Useful Knowledge: He has worked with Doolin, and is a tenant of Elan’s family, neither of which he likes.

Mannerism: He talking to someone, he stares at them.

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