4E NPC 00013 – Fastoak (Elf) Miller’s assistant.

Occupation: He works at the grist.

Physical Description: His face is scarred from burns and cuts suffered during the Battle of Green Blades. His plan clothes and unremarkable hair is often coated in flour.

Attributes/Skills: He is good with a blade and knows a healing ritual or two.

Values/Motivations: He wishes, some day to restore his home land, but otherwise makes a living slightly cheating the farmers and the local ruler.

Behavior: Now reserved and shy, he once commanded scores in battle. Given the right situation, he will take charge.

Useful Knowledge: He knows that the Miller is cheating people, but as long as he gets a cut, he is ok with the situation.

Mannerism: He has a quiet voice that sometimes lisps. He will “dust his hands off” when he is thinking.

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