4E NPC 00014 – Fortunerose (Elf) Keeper of the Shrine of Pellor

Occupation: She tends and conducts ceremonies at the Shrine of Pellor on the east side of town.

Physical Description: She wears her brown hair short and dresses in simple robes. Though vaguely attractive, she is a commanding presence when speaking publicly.

Attributes/Skills: She knows many rituals, including raise dead, and is adept at healing, and agricultural magic.

Values/Motivations: Expanding the power base of Pellor’s church is of first priority. The caring of her flock is a secondary consideration.

Behavior: She will have her way, no negotiation, no bargaining, it’s her way or no way.

Useful Knowledge: She knows every individual in town and it’s surrounds areas by name. She and Gerund had an ongoing “holeyer than thou” battle of words.

Mannerism: She will scowl as non-pellorites.

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