The Party of Six: 4th Level

The heroes finally faced down "Big Boy" and his goblin cohorts. Though the party won the battle, Agninu was immolated before the rest of the team could close. Despite Cthic's protests, Darrin persuaded the team to have her raised at the crossroad village. She came back... different.

Agninu - Str, Dex; Warrior of the Wild (took heal and received Hunters Query class feature as an encounter ability).
Beck - Thunderburst crossbow +1; Str, Dex; Defensive Mobility
Cthic - Deathcut leather +1; Str, Dex; Enlarged Dragon Breath
Darrin - Staff of Fiery Might +2; Int, Cha; Raging Thunder
Ehlin - Magic Chainmail +2; Wis, Str; Skill focus (Healing)
265gp each.

The Sylvan Leather was sold to Cthzag for 136gp, as was Agninu's Axe for 168gp. These proceeds were spent, along with 374gp of Agninu's wealth to get her raised.

Notes: feats added, stats awarded (but not adjusted).

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