4E NPC 00016 – Hennaflint Hannon (Dwarf) Skilled Ironsmith

Occupation: Although she is a master weapon and a skilled armor smith, she now spends most of her time making basic farming tools.

Physical Description: When she is in public she dress in a manner befitting a well-to-do dwarf woman: Gold rings in her hair, and one of several crushed velvet dresses in bold primary colors. When she is working, she wears one of the several simple but hardy pant/shirt/leather apron outfits that she keeps in her shop.

Attributes/Skills: She is capable of forging nearly any weapon and almost any armor, given the time, materials and a design or template.

Values/Motivations: She is in business to make money and will not do charity work without a great cause.

Behavior: In business she is stoic and unexpressive, but in social settings she is outgoing and vibrant.

Useful Knowledge: She knows of Harrowsmiths plight, but is unable to aid in the matter.

Mannerism: She plays with the buttons on her clothing.

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