4E NPC 00019 – Jared (Human), Gate Watcher

Occupation: He watches the town’s east gate, allowing or denying admission to those who wish to enter.

Physical Description: On duty his is a clam man of older years, modestly armed and armored. Off duty he is usually found with his family in their house in town.

Attributes/Skills: He is a competent fighter, and a fair to poor judge of character.

Values/Motivations: His family comes first, followed closely by the safety of the town.

Behavior: He is reasonably willing to accept a “tip” to allow the likes of Cthrin into town to trade. Though he can’t seem to distinguish one dragon born from another (“All I see is scales and teeth”)

Useful Knowledge: He can always use a bit of money on the side, usually in exchange for information about the comings and goings of various persons.

Mannerism: He talks in a halting manner.

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