4E NPC 00024 – Mavo (human male), bar stool warmer at the Stumbling Horse

Occupation: Mavo is considered the “bouncer” for the Stumbling Horse though his duties have not been exercised in over 2 years.

Physical Description: An aging large, dull eyed man dressed in simple stained and smelly clothes.

Attributes/Skills: Once a scholar of some ability and reputation, though much of his skill was lost in the accident he is still well versed on ancient history.

Values/Motivations: He drinks to stop the nightmares when he sleeps.

Behavior: Despite his addiction, he does try to keep a watchful eye on the tavern, and will tolerate no disruption or violence.

Useful Knowledge: He is well acquainted with all of the Horses’ regular patrons and is more than willing to make introductions if requested.

Mannerism: He quotes from the great works of literature.

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