4E NPC 00028 – Olam (Human, Male), a laborer

Occupation: Olam is a day laborer, doing odd jobs around town as needed.

Physical Description: Olam is a handsome man of about 30 years, with brown hair, piercing green eyes and a well developed physic. He is unmarried and unattached, and, thus the source of much conversation amongst the ladies of the town.

Attributes/Skills: Olam has no skills other than having a strong back and looking good while working.

Values/Motivations: Olam has turned his back on his previous life and is hiding here in the town. He wishes to remain alone to the end of his days.

Behavior: First thing at every job: he removes his shirt. He will flee any fight.

Useful Knowledge: Olam knows his past but is not telling. He has avoided learning anything about the town.

Mannerism: He avoids eye contact at all times.

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