The Party of Six: Files Updated

When I got to fourth level I ran into a problem remembering all of the math that went into each particular attribute and skill. So to give myself a little help I added endnotes to the document to detail the calulations that went into each value.
I have updated all of the associated PDF along with a number spelling and typo errors. The old links now link to the new files.
We shall try and continue with the 4th level instances tomorrow.



  1. This is great. I was looking for some pregens, other then then once provided by Wotc.

    Can't wait to see the higher level versions.

    Any chance you can mimic the layout of the shawdowfell pregen sheets? The went up to third level, starting at first, and had subsections for each level after on what was added.

    All and all this is great. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I have been posting a synopsis of the changes for each character in the body of the post. Now, I do like the idea of placing it in the body of the PDF, but at this moment I dread going back and revisiting each of the 15 PDFs again.

    I agree: when I finish this journey I will publish a final copy of each character in the shadowfell format, with a catalog of changes at each level (though with 29 levels of changes they will be a bit long).


  3. Hi again.

    My group play tested your third level PCs so I definitely want to thank you for creating this. Saved us allot of time since we are all learning the new system.

    I played the Cleric and the only thing I could suggest is give her chain mail to increase her AC.

    One of my friends played the Wizard and his comment was that one of the powers (wish I could recall the name)affects could actually push a target but it was based on Wisdom. Since the Wizard had a zero for wisdom that push didn't happen. Maybe swap out for another power or increase Wisdom modifier.

    Thanks again and keep up with the PC updates.

  4. vahju,
    Thanks for the feed back. You will be happy to know that Ehlin (the cleric) gets +2 chain mail in her fourth level incarnation.

    A quick fix for the wizard would be to juggle one or two of the minor abilities around to give a small wisdom bonus. (swap wisdom and Charisma: you would need to bump a few skills up and down by a point but it would give 1 square of push).

    Yes, I saw that effect when building Darrin, and I can imagine that it would be reasonably annoying: When I set out to do this I decided to create typical, organic player character, not necessarily, ideal, perfect PC (much less min/maxed versions). When I level one of the characters I choose powers and abilities that seem best at the time of that level (with no real long term goal or specific development path.(and at first, no real knowledge of the rules))

    To be honest I am both using this exercises to:
    1. learn the 4E rules set.
    2. Hopefully give something useful back to the community.
    3. An exercise in discipline.

    Thank you again, I do hope you enjoyed them.