The Party of Six: 3rd Level

Life in the Party of Six has become shouting matches punctuated by occasional fights, sometimes even with Kobolds and their Goblin allies. The most dramatic verbal sparing matches have been between Agninu and Cthic (with Beck chuckling in the background).
The tiny kobold mage "Big Boy" remains elusive, having abandoned his followers to the Party, he fled into the night, presumably into the arms of the Goblin Queen.

Agninu - Horned Helm; Crushing Blow
Beck - Boots of Spider Climbing; Steel Monsoon
Cthic - Sylvan leather +1; Topple Over
Darrin - Fire Shroud
Ehlin - Split the sky.
208 gp each

The Everlasting Provisions goes into Party treasure along with "Agninu's Axe".

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