4E NPC 00018 – Isra (human), servant to Erica, Lady of the House Hassen

Occupation: Isra is in the employ of House Hassen and is, effectively chaperoning Lady Erica to ensure that she doesn’t get into or cause any trouble for the house.

Physical Description: A strong, modestly dressed woman of 27 years. She maintains an air of respectability and restraint about her at all times.

Attributes/Skills: She is always very aware of what is going on around her, and is a rather competent fighter, but is otherwise unremarkably skilled.

Values/Motivations: Her relationship with the lady is very close, but very much one of station, though Isra has enough will to make Erica stay in line. She hopes, one day to become a part of the house leadership.

Behavior: She always accompanies Erica, everywhere, and watches silently from the shadows.

Useful Knowledge: She knows a great deal about the workings of house Hassen, but would not ever divulge that information, for any reason.

Mannerism: As she watches Erica with steely eyes, she will occasionally make a shushing noise, or snap her fingers to stop Erica from doing something foolish.

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