The Party of Six: 2nd Level

Our adventuring company, tracking the "Blue Hand Clan", stumbled upon a fortified cavern nest of Koblods. In the battles that followed Agninu preferred to charge headlong into targets, sometimes dragging Beck along. Her rash style has caused some strife amongst Darrin's friends Cthic and Beck. In interrogating a lone survivor the Company has discovered that "Big Boy" (a shrimp of a Kobold mage) is the leader of local branch of the Clan.

Agninu - Battleforged Plate +1, Takes Powerful charge and "Get over Here" utility.
Beck - Razor Scale +1, Armor Proficiency (scale) and Aid the Injured utility.
Cthic - Potion of Healing, Backstabber feat and Tumble utility.
Darrin - Human male wizard; Alertness, Expeditious retreat and Shield utility's.
Ehlin - Symbol of Hope +1; Human Perseverance and Cure Light wounds utility.
134 gp to each party member.

The Battle Axe of Terror +1 remains in party treasure along with a 100gp pearl until the party can decide what to do with them. (Agninu REALLY wants the Axe).

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