4E NPC 00020 – Jasmine, wife of Jared, baker.

Occupation: She is the primary baker in town, though, with the birth of their first child this may change.

Physical Description: She is an attractive woman of 33 years, who wears larger dresses and is rather pregnant.

Attributes/Skills: She is a devout follower of Pellor, a very competent baker, and a capable businesswoman.

Values/Motivations: He business comes first as it is a primary source of income for the family, and her new husband Jared is also very important.

Behavior: She is often seen talking to Gerund, Fastoak, and Fortunerose, sharing gossip, recopies, and distain for non-pellorites.

Useful Knowledge: She knows much about the politics within the town guards.

Mannerism: She scrubs her hands on her apron.

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