4E NPC 00017 – Ipp (Imp) Watcher for the Azure Court

Occupation: Ipp is observing the town for a shadowy organization known as the Azure Court, which he has been doing for the last 127 years.

Physical Description: A small winged devil, who wears (when seen), a rather jaunty hat (bowler) and vastly oversized velvet slippers. Though most of the time he spends hiding or vanished.

Attributes/Skills: Ipp has excellent stealth skill, as well as a knowing the ritual knock and animal messenger.

Values/Motivations: Completing his master’s orders is of overriding importance, though he is getting more “playful” with the inhabitants of the town as time goes on.

Behavior: Ipp watches everyone, occasionally following “interesting” individuals for a time.

Useful Knowledge: He knows, but doesn’t understand, almost all of the secrets of the inhabitants, and much of their personal histories.

Mannerism: He likes to hid in the rafters, his chin in his hands. He also likes to steal apples whenever possible.

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