4E NPC 00015 – Harrowsmith Drumlin (Dwarf) Failing Miner

Occupation: He once operated a small coal mine some distance from town, but it is now abandoned following the disappearance of his entire family and mining crew.

Physical Description: His clothing is thread bare, and his eyes are watery.

Attributes/Skills: He, from a previous life, is very sneaky and rather adept at locks and traps. He is also an expert at mines and the dangers that lurk there in.

Values/Motivations: He is desperate to know what has become of his fellow miners, but is desperately short of resources to do so.

Behavior: He looks depressed and morose most of the time.

Useful Knowledge: He knows the lands surrounding and the layout of his mine.

Mannerism: When talking, he often wipes his eyes on his sleeve.

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