The Party of Six: 5th Level

While leaving the Crossroads The Party of Six stopped to visit with the Starving Rock. Though Agninu amused it with threats of violence (and was knocked over by the chuckle), the party did secure a promise of a prophesy upon completion of a quest: find the heart of it's beloved. They then proceeded to the Den of the Goblin queen.
There they faced several nasty encounters, though mostly with the goblins.
Agninu is vastly more subdued and now works well with both Beck and Cthic, creating opportunities for them to excel rather than basking in her own glory.

Agninu -
Vicious Longsword+2, Dizzying Blow pg 79
Beck - Light shield of Defiance, Stand of the Fallen pg 147
Cthic - Walking Wounded pg 120
Darrin - Bloodthread +1, Fireball pg 161, Icy Grasp pg 161
Ehlin - Weapon of the Gods pg 65

The Shadowfell gloves go into the party treasure, as Darrin really doesn't like the looks of them and Ehlin won't touch them. The party also acquired the Ritual "Knock". The party aslo decided to create an operating reserve fund of 1280 gp.

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