4E NPC 00026 – Nul, (Elemental Colossus, Stone) a.k.a. The Starving Rock

Occupation: None. This creature was chained to the heart rock of the land more than a 100,000 years ago.
Physical Description: A massive vaguely humanoid statue buried chest high in the ground. Even so its 20 foot high head towers over the surrounding farms fields. His voice is like rolling thunder.
Attributes/Skills: Nul, has a gift for prophecy. As a beyond epic creature it is able to do just about anything except free it’s self.
Values/Motivations: After the loss of its partner due to quarrying some 50,000 years ago Nul has given up hope, stopped eating and no longer attempts to free it’s self.
Behavior: Nul is normally content to watch the hills erode; however, should something new present itself, Nul head will turn to follow it.
Useful Knowledge: Nul, has a very detailed knowledge of all the happenings from horizon to horizon for the last 100 Millennia.
: When asked a question the massive boulder of a head will tip to one side.

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