4E NPC 00021 – Knight the Cursed, Forgetful Green Knight.

Occupation: Although he has no visible means of support, he does, occasionally acts as a body guard. He has no need or ability to eat or drink and requires no air or sleep.

Physical Description: He appears to be a man in a suit of shiny green field plate armor with a rather large sword. Due to a very, very old curse, he is unable to open (even the visor) or remove the armor. The armor it’s self is very magical and has resisted any attempt to disenchant it. (secret: the armor is empty).

Attributes/Skills: He is an old school follower of Pellor and a paladin. He is more than capable at combat, though he has no memory of a time before he arrived in town.

Values/Motivations: He is tried, and still a little ticked off at his situation. He wishes to complete the quest that he is on but is unable, as he can’t remember what his quest is.

Behavior: He has learned to ignore non-pellorite and non-humans as oppose to aggressively showing them the error of their ways. He is a good friend to Gerund.

Useful Knowledge: He has about 1 century of knowledge about the town and events, but he would only share it with an interested fellow believer.

Mannerism: For whatever reason, he always stands boldly facing into the sun.

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