4E NPC 00025 – Nancia (Human Female), Matriarch of the Starving Rock Farm

Occupation: She runs the modestly successful plantation of Starving Rock with an iron fist. The workers and children know to never cross her or question her orders. Under no circumstances will they approach the Starving Rock, though Sue-Ellen will often ask it questions.

Physical Description: She is an average looking woman of average build wearing nondescript clothing. Though, she does keep her nails clean and razor sharp.

Attributes/Skills: She knows how she runs the farm, and is quite the tyrant about it.

Values/Motivations: She is desperately lonely but has no time for socializing. Management of the farm takes all of her time.

Behavior: She will give orders expecting them to be obeyed without question.

Useful Knowledge: She knows the recent history (the last century or so) of the Starving Rock. She has only talked to it once, as a young girl, and what it told her changed her destiny.

Mannerism: She punctuates all instructions with a shaking fist.

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