Core Concept:Nervous Spouse
Appearance:Normal, though there is always one aspect of their appearance that is accidently "a bit off".
Personality:This person has recently engaged in a romantic affair, and is deeply afraid of being caught by their spouse.
Family:The spouse of this person is moderately successful, caring and compassionate. The person does not know/believe this fact.
Friends:This person friend's are good, but not close, and they have been distanced a bit by the person's new behavior.
Enemies:The Lover desires to destroy the person's relationship with their spouse. Possibly for no reason other than "that they can".
Formative Exp:The person became captivated by the inherent charisma of the lover.
Party Ties:The spouse of the person has a connection to the Heroes.
Fears/Dreams:The person fears being caught, day dreams of running away with the lover, Dreams of making the other relationship "have never happened".
Hobbies/Interests:Though money is tight, the person loves to eat fine food whenever possible.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person is so terrified of the spouse's reaction to the affair that they cannot function.
History:A chance encounter involving the Heroes, lead to the current situation.
Home:The persons new behavior has determinately affected the home life, and will quickly bring the situation to a head.
Relationships:Distracted, shallow, and filled with a growing sense of paranoia.
Agendas:To stop being afraid, either through confession and atonement or by escape.
Motivation:Excitement, and thrill moved the person into the affair, fear and paranoia are destroying what enjoyment are there.
Plot Hook 1:The heroes become witness to the activates of the person and their lover. The person may then attempt to persuade the heroes to not involve the spouse.
Plot Hook 2:The spouse knows, and wishes the return of normality, preferably by the departure of the lover, and requests the heroes' assistance in making it happen.
Plot Hook 3:The person needs the heroes' advice in resolving the current situation.
Plot Hook 4:A third party, the lover's companion is out to cause harm to the couple. The heroes will observe and may assist, or hinder the third person.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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