Generic Story Plot 00002

Main Character

Description: A faithful person in a troubled land.
Past: New to the area, the person sees corruption and wishes to restore faith and integrity to the land.
Wants: The person wishes to establish their faith in this area.
Strength: The person is very well financed and very strong.
Weakness: The person was previously involved in a devastating series of scandals.
Obstacle to "wants": The person perceives threats from several organizations, while these threats are not real; the persons’ actions may cause those organizations to work in opposition to the person. Those that know of the person’s dark past will also be seen as threats.

Act I

Premise: The Heroes witness the verbal assault by followers of the person upon a family.
Circumstances: The child of the family has circumstantial evidence of past wrong doing by the person.
Start of action/"wants": A visit to the construction sight of a new religious building.
Plot point: The person’s agents bring legal action against another, well established, religious organization.

Act II

Low point: A riot of faithful.
Plot point: The brokering of a meeting between the various involved parties.


Climax: Confrontation between the organizations will end in disaster unless the heroes act.
Denouement: A land at peace or in flames depending upon the actions/inactions of the heroes.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia .

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