The Obligitory Excuse Post V00000000000001

Last night was setting up to be an excellent evening: I had a nice 4 hour block in which to write posts ahead for this blog. This kind of event doesn’t happen to terribly often, but it is not entirely a novelty.

So instead of turning on the music and digging in I decided to catch up on Gnome Stew where I found this very nice article “Making Challenges That Players Love To Beat”. This lead the ChattyDM’s article on “Mining Tropes For RPG Goodness: You Bastard” (I’m a sucker for any article that mentions BSG’s Gaius Baltar). Therein I found the link of “Ultimate Time Vacuuming” which led to my doom: TV Trops.org.

When I next looked at the clock it was 4 hours latter and I had spent the entire evening wiki’ng my life away.

So I decided to subscribe to a Blogging trope: The Excuse post.



Snorkey: wiki’s are Eeeevvvviiiillllllllllllll goodness.

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  1. Isn't the most eviliscious Web Site ever! I wasted so many working hours on this!