Core Concept:Lazy Aristocrat
Appearance:Well attired and groomed. Clothing is expensive, and they rarely every ware the same outfit twice.
Personality:Curious, friendly, outgoing.
Family:Very wealthy, but their activities have almost certainly caused harm to others.
Friends:Sycophants, hanger-on's, and yes-men.
Enemies:Family business rival. The rival wishes the general social and financial harm to the family, more as a matter of principal than any particular cause. Also there are several individuals who have suffered loss due to the policies of the Family.
Formative Exp:The person was previously detected to running the family industry. However once they discovered the harm that it was causing, and failed to persuade the family to "make it right", they rebelled.
Party Ties:Page of Wands: Superficial, theatrical, unstable, a broken heart, bad news to come
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of the day that they will have the power to change how the family business is run. To make amends for the harm that has been caused.
Hobbies/Interests:The person has several causes that they are genuinely invested in.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person cannot see a life at a lower station than they currently hold. Threats to their social station are not tolerated.
History:A victim of the families' policies confronted the person making them aware of the harm caused. The resulting conflict with the family leaders was epic.
Home:The family leader is domineering, and ruthless in their pursuit of financial success. The person is currently involved in a causal romantic relationship.
Relationships:The person is honest and genuine in their speech and actions.
Agendas:To remedy and make right the harm that has been done in the world.
Motivation:This person wants to "right the wrongs" that the family industry has caused, but feels that they lack the resources/power to do so.
Plot Hook 1:An enemy will attempt to involve the heroes in a plot to cause harm to the person as a way of harming the Family.
Plot Hook 2:The family leader is dying, and the person needs assistance ensuring that the business passes to them.
Plot Hook 3:An organization wishes to benefit from the persons charity work and request the assistance of the heroes to make contact.
Plot Hook 4:The person is now in charge of the families' industry, and the harms of the past have been partially corrected. However, the changes have caused a new harm that the person is unaware of. The heroes may be victims or representatives of the new victims.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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