Generic Story Plot 00003

Main Character

Description: A person of no wealth or means.
Past: The Person was once successful until a series of poor choices lead them to financial and social ruin.
Wants: They plan to destroy a local business person whom wronged them.
Strength: The person is slow, deliberate, and very resourceful. The victim is a creature of habit.
Weakness: The person is blinded by anger. The desire to destroy the victim is overwhelming and will be pursued at any cost.
Obstacle to "wants": The victim is planning a trip and will become unreachable in a very short time.

Act I

Premise: The heroes become collateral damage from an act of sabotage by the person.
Circumstances: The heroes are at the victims place of business attempting to acquire or dispose of something of value.
Start of action/"wants": The item that the heroes desire goes missing in the chaos of the sabotages aftermath. This is after the paid for or before they receive payment for the item.
Plot point: Casual examination of the evidence may lead the heroes to believe that the victim was trying to cheat them. The victim goes missing.

Act II

Low point: A child informs and presents evidence of that the victim is not responsible.
Plot point: More “bad luck” for the business persons interests and family, including the murder of an innocent third person, apparently by the victims only child.


Climax: The confrontation between the heroes, the person, and the victim in an abandoned place.
Denouement: Restoration of the victim, restitution or replacement is given for the desired item.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia .

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