Core Concept:Frantic Healer
Appearance:Harried and fatigued. Attire is stained and well worn.
Personality:Impatience, anxious. They will wring their hands when not otherwise preoccupied.
Family:The spouse of this person is acclaimed and very successful.
Friends:This person attracts backstabbers, and insincere persons.
Enemies:Ex Spouse, who wishes failure and harm to the person.
Formative Exp:In the past, this person caused an event that brought harm to others and their self. One of the victims was an innocent. Now the person does what they do in penance for the event. The person's part in causing the event is generally unknown.
Party Ties: The Heroes may come directly to the person for assistance OR be involved with the more successful spouse.
Fears/Dreams:They fear that they will cause harm through action or inaction. They fear being alone.
Hobbies/Interests:The new spouse and their profession occupy all of their time. When idle, they are filling their time with fretting and worry.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:This person will not see the good they have done; they ignore their success in favor of dwelling upon failure.
History:Though very competent in their profession, their anxious nature and caution has held them back, professionally and socially.
Home:The more successful new spouse is jealous of the time the person spends at their profession, but, for the time being, accepting.
Relationships:This person rarely associates with people that do not need their professional assistance. In the few casual relationships that the person does have, they will tend to take statements out of context and overreact to them.
Agendas:To make amends for the Event and the harm they cause. They want to, somehow, find peace.
Motivation:Crisis is what brings the person out of indecision and makes them take action.
Plot Hook 1:One or more of the Heroes needs treatment.
Plot Hook 2:The heroes are witness to the person assisting at an event in which people were harmed.
Plot Hook 3:The heroes encounter the person just prior to a crisis.
Plot Hook 4:The person is deadlocked and helpless in the face of a crisis that falls outside of their abilities.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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