Core Concept:Closet Rebel
Appearance:Rough and Tumble, Clothing is from the counter culture or a aggressive subculture. Their hair and accessories are selected for their shock value.
Personality:The person is comfortable with being outside of social norms. They tend to reflect attitudes of those interacting with them back at them.
Family:Is part of the social norm, but are very accepting of the person's life style.
Friends:Few to none, for their life style is sufficiently socially unacceptable that no one wants to be associated with the person.
Enemies:A moral entity has taken them upon themselves to campaign against what the person represents. The enemy is using the person as a representation of all that is wrong with the world.
Formative Exp:In early life adult life the person made several poor decisions that lead to their financial and social harm in a distant place. Rescue came from the subculture, which they adopted.
Party Ties:The first interaction between the heroes and the person should be filled with tension and/or conflict.
Fears/Dreams:The person dreams of greater financial success, but is unwilling to abandon their lifestyle to do so. They fear harm from the enemy or their agents.
Hobbies/Interests:The person is a subscriber to a foreign religion that promotes peace and happiness through culturally unacceptable practices.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person cannot see the true threat that he enemy poses to them and their lively hood.
History:Recently, financial hard times, along with physical threats against the person have forced them to take choices that they would not have otherwise.
Home:The person is in care of a youth who is adopting the mannerisms of the person, and it is costing them dearly.
Relationships:For those who treat the person well, a good friend the person will be. Those that don't will be ignored or subject to harm.
Agendas:To make their way of life socially acceptable.
Motivation:To be themselves, and live without fear of harm.
Plot Hook 1:The youth in the persons care has been taken by the enemy for "deprogramming" and the person need the Heroes help rescuing them.
Plot Hook 2:The person has had a dramatic effect on the local youth, much to the chagrin of the establishment. The Moral authority request the heroes help removing the problem.
Plot Hook 3:The person's lifestyle is causing harm to the youth, and authorities have refused to help. The person will ask for the heroes assistance.
Plot Hook 4:The authorities have driven the person out of their home and request the heroes' assistance in relocating, or returning to their home.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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