Generic Story Plot 00001

Main Character

Description: A leader of an Organization.
Past: The country has been plagued by internal turmoil and corruption.
Wants: To “clean house”: they are planning to remove the corrupt elements within the organization.
Strength: They are patent, cautious, and careful. The person plans to have the purge occur over several months to a few years. Hopefully before the corrupt elements do too much more damage.
Weakness: The Leaders’ agents are, for the most part, the same people that the leader is trying to remove, but work for a third external organization.
Obstacle to "wants": The corrupt elements are well organized and entrenched; any evidence of wrong doing will point to an expendable underling.

Act I

Premise: The Heroes are introduced to a person who is the victim of false evidence of wrong doing. The evidence was planted by individuals who are in the person’s organizational superiors.
Circumstances: The person has been working within the limits of the organization and has managed to achieve great works. If the false evidence comes to light then all of their past good works would become suspect; causing damage to the persons, the leaders’ and the organizations reputation.
Start of action/"wants": Agents for the leader contact the heroes and offer assistance in planting counter evidence against the superior.
Plot point: The superior is getting married and the agents suggest that by turning this event into a social disaster, the superior will be totally destroyed.

Act II

Low point: The leader’s agents turn upon the heroes.
Plot point: A servant of the leader brokers a meeting between the heroes and the Leader.


Climax: The Apparent power behind the Agents is revealed and the agent’s source of power is destroyed by the actions of the heroes.
Denouement: The spouse of the leader (the true power behind the agents) departs and goes into hiding.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia .

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