Generic Story Plot 00007

Main Character

Description: A Spy or Agent for a powerful (possibly national) entity.
Past: The person has had a hard life and is questioning the directives and intentions of their masters.
Wants: To learn a secret.
Strength: The person is very skilled as a spy, and is very stealthy.
Weakness: A person that the spy cares about is beginning to suspect the spy.
Obstacle to "wants": The “secret” is well guarded.

Act I

Premise: '18. The Moon: A breaking and entering gone wrong.
Circumstances: The persons equipment fails, the situation has changed from what was expected.
Start of action/"wants": The heroes are present when the break in is discovered.
Plot point: The existence of the secret is reveled to the heroes just before it is relocated to a different location.

Act II

Low point: The secret’s keeper becomes aware of the spy’s from a person that the spy cares about.
Plot point: The spy reveals additional details about the secret’s nature to the heroes.


Climax: All parties to the plot become involved in a tussle for the secret.
Denouement: The spy’s masters are very aware of the heroes and feel very strongly about the actions that the heroes take during the climax.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia

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