Core Concept:Recovering Law Enforcer
Appearance:In a casual setting their presentation will be clean and well kept; in a professional setting they will be in attire appropriate to their profession. They tend to keep their hair a bit longer than is normally acceptable.
Personality:Reserved but friendly. They consider themselves law abiding yet ever so slightly above the law.
Family:They have an ailing sibling that they are caring for.
Friends:They have a wide circle of friends that are supportive and generally caring.
Enemies:Their own fame and success have brought with them scrutiny and may expose their past deeds.
Formative Exp:In their youth, in a moment of haste and anger they did a something that is socially unacceptable, possibly criminal. The deed its self is not generally known but the person fears exposure.
Party Ties:The person has been following the public (and a few private) exploits of the heroes and has become somewhat enamored with one of them.
Fears/Dreams:They dream of success and fear the return of their father.
Hobbies/Interests:They engage in a common sport that demands much skill, but less stamina or strength.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:They believe that one particular subset of society or culture is ether above the law or responsible for all wrong doings.
History:In addition to the aforementioned trouble, there is an semi-active investigation into the event that they participated in.
Home:The ailing sibling is verbally abusive and mentally domineering.
Relationships:The person is genuinely friendly, but very reserved about personal details.
Agendas:To cure the sibling; catch the criminals; and ensure that details of their involvement in the event never come to light.
Motivation:They have a drive to undo the wrongs that they feel that both they and their father have done.
Plot Hook 1:The father seeks the heroes' assistance in contacting this person.
Plot Hook 2:The heroes witness the mistreatment of the person at the hands of the ill sibling in a semi public setting.
Plot Hook 3:The person believes that the heroes are responsible or connected to some criminal activity; based upon information they were given by a third party.
Plot Hook 4:New information has come to light in the event that the person participated in, and the person is taking measures to insure that it goes back into the darkness.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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