Generic Story Plot 00006

Main Character

Description: A soldier trying to get ahead.
Past: Is married to a spouse from a wealthy and powerful family.
Wants: To live happily ever after.
Strength: The Soldier is deeply in love with the spouse.
Weakness: The spouse is unhappy with their partnership with the person.
Obstacle to "wants": A third party wants to become involved with the spouse (they see the spouses unhappiness).

Act I

Premise: The third party attempts to eliminate the Soldier through a fourth party.
Circumstances: The person is recovering from an injury when agents for the third party attempt to cause harm to the person.
Start of action/"wants": The heroes are visiting someone who is also receving medical assistance when the attack occurs. .
Plot point: The soldier is further injured.

Act II

Low point: The soldier is nearly killed by agents of the third party.
Plot point: A revelation that the third party is the superior of the soldier.


Climax: A confrontation with the third party, the spouse and the soldier.
Denouement Political/social consequences from the heroes’ involvement in the events.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia .

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