The One Month Mark

WhooHoo! Today I am celebrating one month of postings to this blog. I know that you, the hypothetical reader cares only slightly less than I do, but given my previous track record of 12 posts in over 2 years: I see this achievement as more of a personal victory over my own procrastination than anything else.

The Future
In 18 days is the release of D&D 4th edition, to which I hope to post a review that first day. I also plan to post several NPC (with 4th ed stat blocks) shortly thereafter. It is my intention to make use of the generic base npc templates for quick characterization and plot incorporation.

Shortly I will to make several posts on a couple world ideas that I hope would be useful as starting points for peoples' new 4th edition games. They include:
Clock world

All of the worlds will reflect the new "points of light" theme of 4th ed but will otherwise be system neutral.

I also plan to post some more generic NPC and Plots that are instances of the Base NPC's but are more tied to a setting. As well as additional suggestions on how to use the Base NPC and plots in writing and game design.

That is all for now.
Thanks for reading,

Snorkey: needs to create some more random generators

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