Generic Story Plot 00004

Main Character

Description: An Arrogant scholar.
Past: Married into their advanced position by becoming engaged to the establishments’ leader’s only child.
Wants: The spouses’ parents position at the establishment.
Strength: The person has extensive connections to the body that decides who manages the educational establishment.
Weakness: The persons plans seem to suffer from “bad luck” and have a way of failing dramatically.
Obstacle to "wants": The establishment’s leader is grooming the person to be there replacement (in several years). The leading body is largely behind this plan.

Act I

Premise: The person’s spouse is concerned that the persons’ actions may damage their reputations and chances of success.
Circumstances: The spouse covertly contacts the heroes through a blind drop, or agent.
Start of action/"wants": The heroes are requested to help ensure that the persons’ latest plan fails quietly, instead of dramatically.
Plot point: The person’s actions are exposed to the heroes.

Act II

Low point: Dismissal by the scholar, preceding their continued action on their plot to destroy the establishments’ leader.
Plot point: The establishments’ leader becomes terribly ill.


Climax: The role of the spouse is exposed, a parent is rescued, and the person may receive rewards or justice.
Denouement: The establishment is restored, or diminished.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia .

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