Generic Three Layered Plot 0002 – Land Grab

I envision this as Rail/Cattle barons’ attempt to grow their holdings, though it could easily be a wizard’s guild attempt to secure areas that are important magically or a megacorp’s attempt to secure important plants. The nefarious plan of Ruthless underling could be away for a few to achieve immortality at the cost of many; Opening a gate to a not so friendly plain of existence; the elimination of almost all men.

Campaign Plot: An organization or faction is growing its power base. NPCs: A Leader; A ruthless underling.

Arc Plot 1: An agent for the organization is acquiring real property. NPCs: Agent.

Intro Story: The heroes are commissioned by a third party to survey the lands of interest. NPCs: A handler; Local extras; Encounters within the area; The Curmudgeon (story 2).

Story Plot 1: One land owner requests the aid of the heroes in producing/planting evidence against another. NPCs: The Land owner, the villain/victim; several third parties that have information or could witness the heroes’ actions.

Story Plot 2: A hold out is resisting purchase offers and the heroes are requested to “leverage” the offer; alternatively they may side with the hold out. NPCs: Curmudgeon, other agents.

Story Plot 3: The actions of the organization have upset the locals and they have rescinded their acceptance of the purchase offers. The organization is not pleased and is sending agents to assist or hinder the heroes. NPCs: locals, agents (thugs and government officials). And the first experimental victims (see Arc 3).

Interlude Plot 1: The organization has purchased the assistance of a legal authority to force the sale. Gathering evidence of this transaction or appeal of the decision falls to the heroes. NPCs: Corrupt Judge; Bribing Agent, who works for the Ruthless Underling; minor legal officials.

Arc Plot 2: The organizations’ leader is deposed for having second thoughts about tactics; the replacement is even more ruthless. NPCs: As Campaign plot, however now the underling has power.

Story Plot 7: The fallout of the power shift within the organization. NPCs: Organization faction leaders and their supporters. During the course of this story several will be removed from power by the agents of the Ruthless Underling.

Story Plot 8: The heroes are expelled from the organization and legal authority is brought against them by agents of the Ruthless Underling. NPCs: Agents of the Ruthless Underling; Legal authorities; Helpful dispossessed associates.

Story Plot 9: The Ruthless Underling attempts to remove all opposition, both covertly and in the open, from the land and replace them with allies.

Interlude Plot 2: Rumors of war abound in various circles of society. A natural disaster affects the community featured in act 1.

Arc Plot 3: The fall of the organization.

Story Plot 10: The ruthless underling reveals a portion of their plan to a disturbed public. NPCs: A spokes person; several disturbed onlookers, reluctant supporters, and a majority that are in silent opposition.

Story Plot 11: In the face of social, political opposition the Ruthless Underling attempts to enact their plan thorough force. NPCs: Organization shock troops and agents; a few Victims.

Story Plot 12: The heroes are witness to the first stages of the plan, and through effort discover the full extent of the plan. NPCs: Organization shock troops and agents; A trader to the organization; many victims.

Campaign Climax: The heroes must remove the Ruthless Underling. In achieving that goal the hollow organization will crumble. NPCs: The Ruthless Underling and a few psychotic supporters; helpful survivors; Many organizational traders.

Generated by hand from a home brewed tarot generator that used my article “Three Layered Campaign Design”.

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