Generic Story Plot 00005

Main Character

Description: A youth with romantic intent.
Past: The Mother of the person once had a reputation in society as being ruthless and willing to break anyone to get what she wanted.
Wants: The Person is romantically interested in the child of a moneylender. The moneylender, of course objects to the formation of a relationship very strongly. The child is romantically interested in a third party. The parent also objects to the third person.
Strength: The person is very socially connected.
Weakness: The person lacks material wealth and resources. They also lack caution.
Obstacle to "wants": The moneylender has a moderate organization and a large amount of wealth with which to foil the young romantic. The child not interested in the person. The home and workplace of the moneylender is very secure.

Act I

Premise: The money lender introduces a hero to their child and the youth becomes intensely jealous of the hero.
Circumstances: The meeting occurs in a public but confined (like a restaurant or similar).
Start of action/"wants": The person arranges for the hero to be embarrassed through the actions of a servant.
Plot point: The person will taunt and threaten the hero in a safe (for the person) manner.

Act II

Low point: The money lender is financially harmed by the person. The person attempts to harm the hero politically/legally (by calling in a favor).
Plot point: The Person further taunts and threatens the hero (via the same “safe” mechanism as before).


Climax: The person attempts to “rescue” the child from their parent. If this succeeds, then the rejection by the child causes the person to try to harm the hero.
Denouement: The persons interests turn to another hero.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia .

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