Generic Story Plot 00009

Main Character

Description: A violent storm.
Past: Three generations ago, when a storm like this previously hit, the community was nearly destroyed. There are a few reminders of what happen previously
Wants: None, though the destruction of innocents is probable.
Strength: Fierce winds, and abundant precipitation.
Weakness: Due to the passage of time most of the inhabitants of the community are unconcerned about the coming storm.
Obstacle to "wants": A leader of the community fears financial loss in the event of an evacuation and thus is discouraging community members from doing so.

Act I

Premise: A old person is recounting events of the previous storm to the few who will listen.
Circumstances: A public forum where the authorities attempt to remove the old person.
Start of action/"wants": As the arrest occurs, the heroes are witness to the first indicators of how powerful the storm is.
Plot point: The community leader is unwilling to remove people from harm and is certain that nothing will happen.

Act II

Low point: Authorities block evacuation routes even as the storm intensifies.
Plot point: The storm causes a failure in the protective systems that surrounds the community. In turn innocents are threatened.


Climax: During the peak of the storm structures are broken, lives are lost, and the leader may come to regret their choices.
Denouement: Cleaning up from the aftermath of the storm.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia

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