Core Concept:Artist
Appearance:Average in appearance, and composure. Their attire is commonplace and unremarkable.
Personality:Passionate and hyperbolic; they will move from joy to despair rapidly.
Family:The person has a spouse that is genuinely supportive and compassionate.
Friends:The person has a circle of parasites around them, attempting to leach off their talent and success.
Enemies:The person that represents in business dealings is dishonest and is causing them harm.
Formative Exp:In the past the person received very bad news, which, though it initially broke the person, inspired them.
Party Ties:Through some strange coincidence the subject matter of the person's art seems to represent the Heroes: the art either depicts their actions and achievements OR it shows their likeness.
Fears/Dreams:The person has tortured dreams, relating to the bad news.
Hobbies/Interests:Escape, the person attempts to escape the internal force that drives their artistic expression.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person is unaware of their moods, their own emotional state, and thus is unable to control them.
History:The person's agent and parasite friends have long been using the person to further their own success, to the harm of the person's finances and reputation.
Home:The person's rollercoaster of emotion has not helped their home life with their spouse, however the agent has cause more friction.
Relationships:The person is quick to dismiss new people, though with time can form strong bonds.
Agendas:To express the artistic vision as a way of diminishing the effect that the "bad news" has upon them.
Motivation:The person is driven to distraction in their attempt to purge the pain that the news caused them.
Plot Hook 1:The Heroes are asked to assist the agent in the delivery of one of the person's works of art.
Plot Hook 2:The persons spouse wishes the heroes help in removing the influence of the Agent or the person's parasitic friends.
Plot Hook 3:The heroes are witness to the foul actions of the Agent.
Plot Hook 4:The person wishes to become acquainted with the heroes and to use them as the subject or medium of their next commission.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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