Core Concept:Angry Youth
Appearance:Their attire is a mix of low quality item mixed with extravagant and gaudy. Their grooming is poor, as is their complexion.
Personality:Aggressive and obstinate, they feel that the world "owes them".
Family:The parents of this person have achieved some degree of success through effort and frugality.
Friends:Peers, many of whom look up to the person as a leader.
Enemies:Peers and the establishment: this person's sense of self entitlement has alienated many of the person's peers. The person believes that "the establishment" is their enemy and struggles against it constantly (though not effectively).
Formative Exp:Though very creative, the medium through which their creativity was express was considered socially unacceptable or wasteful. The parents of the person did not have the time to foster or channel the creativity into more socially acceptable mediums.
Party Ties:The person's parents may have a relationship with the Heroes.
Fears/Dreams:The person dreams of happiness and the overturning of the establishment. The person fears diminishment that comes with being "normal".
Hobbies/Interests:Creative expression in socially unacceptable forms.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person cannot see the harm that they are doing to others. The person cannot stand symbols that they perceive as representations of normalcy.
History:The person has made several bad decisions in the past and is starting to spiral out of control. They perceive any attempt to change them or their actions as hostile.
Home:The actions of the person are causing harm to the parent's reputations and success. This is leading to further friction between the person and their parents.
Relationships:The person is reasonably accepting of their peer group, persons that do not fit into that social circle are treated hostilely.
Agendas:To "overthrow the establishment" through any means necessary.
Motivation:Success and acceptance. They want to be seen as creative and unique.
Plot Hook 1:The parents, authorities, or some other agency wish the heroes' assistance in moderating the person's behavior.
Plot Hook 2:The heroes are witness to actions by the person that the authorities would object to.
Plot Hook 3:A distant, wealthy individual has become interested in the persons creativity and wishes the heroes assistance in acquiring more examples.
Plot Hook 4:An authority has decided to correct the behavior of the person and their circle of friends. The heroes may assist them, hinder them or just be a witness to the event.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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