Generic Story Plot 00008

Main Character

Description: Treacherous servant.
Past: The servant was previously betrayed by their master.
Wants: The servant wants to destroy the family by revealing the families darkest secrets.
Strength: The servant has extensive evidence to back up their accusations.
Weakness: The spouse of the servant disagrees with the persons’ plan of actions.
Obstacle to "wants": The family’s leader is dangerous and works actively to remove threats to the family.

Act I

Premise: The person has chosen to reveal some of the evidence to the heroes.
Circumstances: An anonymous package nearly intercepted by agents of the family.
Start of action/"wants": The heroes are witness to a scuffle between a messenger and the agents, both are fighting over a package clearly labeled with one or more of the heroes names .
Plot point: The family’s leader wants the package back.

Act II

Low point: The family’s leader uses their power with the authorities to have the heroes perused.
Plot point: The family’s leader will not stop in their pursuit of the package.


Climax: The servant comes forward as the family attempts to prevent the revelation.
Denouement The heroes reputation amongst high society is harmed, but is bolstered with the lower class.

This is based upon a tarot generator found on Abulafia

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