Core Concept:Displaced Traveler
Appearance:This person displays a well kept appearance and is well dressed.
Personality:Suspicious and narrow minded.
Family:This person's family is trouble and in a state of decay.
Friends:In this place no one knows this person well enough to be considered a friend.
Enemies:A legal authority from this persons homeland is pursuing this person.
Formative Exp:A recent flash of insight inspired this person to come to this place.
Party Ties:A possession of this person may end up in the heroes' hands.
Fears/Dreams:In the future the person hopes to restore their family.
Hobbies/Interests:The person excels at learning new languages, and loves to sprinkle a foreign phrase or two into a conversation.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Though they understand the local culture they are missing some vital bit of social behavior that will set them apart and isolate them.
History:The person unintentionally caused harm to a powerful party in their homeland. They are traveling to both hide from the authorities and to find a way to make amends.
Home:The person is currently a transient and doesn't have a home, if they did it would be well organized on the surface but horribly disorganized in the non-public spaces.
Relationships:This person will go out of their way to help a friend, which is what got them in their current situation.
Agendas:This person only hopes to avoid pursuit, but need to replenish their resources.
Motivation:The person wants to make right the events in their homeland, so that they may return home.
Plot Hook 1:The person, in a fit of loneliness, attempts to talk to one of the Heroes.
Plot Hook 2:The person requests assistance from the heroes in facilitating their return to their homeland. Would it be possible for the heroes to deliver a message? Take a package? Open negotiations.
Plot Hook 3:The person knows of someone else, in yet a third land, who might be able to assist the person and the heroes in furthering their goals.
Plot Hook 4:The Enemy has arrived, and is in active pursuit of the person. To this event, the heroes may be simply a witness to, or may assist either party.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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